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Fragrance label
Long-lasting fragrance products mainly use the micro-capsule wrapped fragrance technology, and then after printing to deal with fragrance to product surface. After the hand rub or temperature rises, the fragrance is distributed. The fragrance can be maintained for at least 1 year or so, the company has a variety of fragrances to be chosen by the customer, also can customize the fragrance according to the customer's request.
The main products are: scented stickers, scented cards etc. The most popular is toys and stationery.  
Product features:
Material: art paper, PP, PVC
Application: perfume, shower gel, cosmetics, automobile supplies, baby toys, etc
Stay sweet time: more than one year
Technology: screen printing
Principle: use micro-capsules to cover the scent, and then send out the fragrance by hand rub or temperature rise  
Fragrance sticker have a wide variety of flavors, such as pineapple, orange, mint, coke, vanilla, strawberries, honey, Sandalwood ,lavender, more refined, chocolates, roses, tulips, watermelon, peony, Evening primrose, orchids, tulip, marigold, banana, pineapple, peach and so on, other special taste can also be customized, such as bad smell like so on  
Customize the other flavors according to the customer's requirements
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