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"Color expert" "night light expert"
Release time:2017/5/27 16:07:09
"Colour expert" "luminous expert" is headquartered in zhejiang unique marker in the field of printing plastic handicraft, become angry with wisdom to mark a variety of environmental conditions change, let different colors to show its special meaning, such as the change of the mood, the change of pressure, temperature changes, the change of the light, the change of fragrance... And so on.
Babe was established for more than a decade for thousands of domestic and foreign enterprises to provide quality LCD color changing thermometer, aroma sticker, color sticker, color card, color plastic products such as new fancy printing plastic gift, won the trust and praise in the contractual joint venture, headquartered in establishing a good brand of the company. Product design department, the company has been set up to help customers develop more full of business opportunities, innovative products, help customers solve from creative bud and to the various stages of the new product development process may face problems, provide more efficient service to our customers.

Zhejiang Beibo Crafts & Arts Co., Ltd.

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