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About Beibo

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Zhejiang Beibo Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is located in the city called Longgang town, which is one of the three major printing bases in Asia, known as "The City of Chinese Printing" and "The City of Chinese Gifts". The company is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and application of special functional materials. Meanwhile, it focuses on the innovation and development of printed materials and plastic products, and realize the organic integration of functional new materials and printed materials and plastic handicrafts.


"Honorary titles of" Experts of glow in dark" & "Luminous experts" are the unique benchmarks of Zhejiang Beibo in the field of printing plastic handicrafts, to mark a wide range of changes in environmental conditions with the wisdom on color changing, such as mood changes, Changes in pressure, changes in temperature, changes in light, changes in fragrance. .. and so on, so that can show its special significance with the different colors.


Beibo has been set up more than 10 years, and has provided high-quality LCD color temperature thermometer, fragrant stickers, color changing stickers, color changing cards, color changing plastic products and other strange printing plastic gifts for tens of thousands of domestic and foreign enterprises, which has won the trust of cooperative enterprises and praise From Beibo's good brand. The company also set up a product design department to help customers develop more business opportunities with the creative products, and to help customers solve the germination from the creative designed artworks, to accelerate the new product development process at all stages which may face problems for our customers or provide more efficient services.


We believe that the value of our existence lies on helping our clients receive a satisfactory reward. So we must always be on the product and related processes to innovate, must be able to provide the highest quality products with the most competitive prices, and the most timely service to meet the demands, we believe that we are able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win customers through our continuous efforts and pursuit on business.


Zhejiang Beibo Crafts & Arts Co., Ltd.

Add:5 / F, building 8, Shuguang Industrial Park, 8888 Century Avenue, Longgang City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province





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